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Company History

             The Batangas II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BATELEC II) is one of the two (2) Electric Cooperatives that distribute electricity to Batangas province with its principal office at Antipolo del Norte, LipaCity. It was organized and was duly registered with the National Electrification Administration (NEA) on August 12,1977.

          It had an initial capital of P28 million obtained as loan from NEA for purposes of providing electric service to both urban and rural areas.  NEA subsequently granted BATELEC II a provisional franchise in the municipalities of San Juan, Taysan, Lobo, Rosario, Mabini/Tingloy, Bauan, San Pascual, Ibaan, Alitagtag, Cuenca, San Jose and Batangas City duly represented by its Incorporators, Mr. Conrado S. Quijano, Mr. Isidro P. Sulit Jr., Dr. Reynaldo S. Carandang, Mr. Sulficio F. Frago, Mr. Simeon C. Dolor, Mr. Antonio D. Cruzat, Mrs. Lourdes C. Bulanhagui, Atty. Emilio P. Piñero, Dra. Maxima R. Recto, Mrs. Wilma S. Cuevas, Atty. Simeon T. Agbing and Mr. Flaviano E. Villena, respectively.

          BATELEC II started its operations on April 24,1978 in the municipalities of Rosario, Cuenca, Alitagtag, San Jose and San Juan after the right to operate had been bought by the Cooperative from the private owners.  BATELEC II then begun on its activities towards the attainment of the thrust of Rural Electrification, that is the total electrification of its coverage area.  The task force construction supported by NEA personnel and assistance from different Electric Cooperatives paved the way to the electrification of Lobo on May 9,1978 which is marked to be the Coop's first energization.

          After two years of operation, finally, on May 28,1980, the National Electrification Administration granted BATELEC II a permanent franchise for a period of 50 years in the City of Batangas, and municipalities of Mabini, Bauan, San Pascual, Ibaan, Rosario, San Juan, Taysan, Lobo and Tingloy. Although BATELEC II has the right to operate on areas of Bauan, San Pascual, Ibaan and BatangasCity, these were energized by privately - owned - operated electric system. On the same year, because of the extensive area coverage, BATELEC III, another Electric Cooperative was organized to operate in the municipalities of Tanauan, Malvar, Balete, Laurel, Talisay, Mataas na Kahoy, Padre Garcia and LipaCity. However, the Coop since its organization and registration with NEA did not operate because it was placed under the administration and operational control of BATELEC II.  BATELEC III, had its own set of BOD but who were in-active until BATELEC III was merged to BATELEC II:

                      NAME                            NATIONALITY                            ADDRESS

1.         Mrs. Estelita C. Vergara            Filipino                                            Alitagtag, Batangas

2.         Atty. Simon T. Agbing               Filipino                                            San Jose, Batangas

3.         Maj. Eliseo L. Camaganan         Filipino                                            LipaCity, Batangas

4.         Atty. Carlos B. Estole                Filipino                                            Padre Garcia, Bats.

5.         Mr. Juanito Latayan                   Filipino                                            Balete, Batangas

6.         Mr. Rodelo L. Cosico